Scott Owen’s Batman Forever Batmobile


Here is the “Batman Forever” Batmobile I did several years ago. This is, in my opinion, the coolest of the Batmobiles from the films. I never do anything box stock so here’s a list of the modifications and techniques I used.

First, I opened all of the triangular vents on the nose and the oval vents down low between the fenders and installed brass mesh. The rims have been extended further onto the tires for the correct low profile tire appearance. All of the seams have been filled and sanded smooth.

The cockpit interior has been super-detailed with small odds and ends, Bare Metal Foil in places, and HO railroad parts (sorry no pictures). The glass has been replaced with clear acetate for a more convincing glass appearance. The kit was painted in flat black from a rattle can and sealed with semi-gloss lacquer.

The finish is perfectly smooth and I couldn’t have done better with my airbrush. Finally, all of the metal parts and areas inside of the ribs were done in Metalizers with a black wash to bring out the details.

Scott Owen

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