Paul Newitt’s Mysterion


Here is the Mysterion I made with the base I designed.



And here is how it looks lighted up!!  The lights include 2 headlights, interior lights (blue), red taillights, and each engine has a flashing LED with fiber optic spark plug wires!  All from a 9Volt battery hidden on the back of the house. Just tilt the tree on the right to switch it on! (in the spirit of Roth cleverness!!)

On the real car, there are these really rare, original 1960’s “clear” spark plug wires on this car, and of course, I saw “fiber optic” in my mind…and so, had to do it.    I buried a flashing yellow LED into the engine.  A pre-cut a group of eight pieces of fiber optics which were stuffed into a small piece of plastrict tubing.  It was then super glued in place to the front of the block where the distributor went.   It took a whole evening to thread those fiber optic wires from the grouped part to the sides of the blocks.

Paul Newitt



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