Mitch Leslie’s Speed Racer Mach 5



Here is Speed Racer’s famous Mach 5, as I saw fit to paint and build it. I had gotten two kits from Polar Lights and soon discoverd they are differently made. One kit had metal axel’s and waterslide decals, the other had plastic axels and peel off decals.

The paint scheme:

  • Saw blades — left them original model color painted the arms silver
  • The eagle — beak yellow, body aluminum, wings black
  • Dash board — light tan
  • Doors — navy agressor grey, red arm rest
  • Seat belts — black and silver trim
  • Control board — made myself with graph paper and colord pencils
  • Engine — black with silver trim
  • Mufflers — light ghost grey
  • Oxygen tank — blue

Note: I used a small nail as a launch platform for the eagle

I’m not sure if i decaled it correctly or not in positioning the hood “M”, but its all about having fun and doing it your way !

Mitch Leslie

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