Bob Koenn’s Munsters Cars


These are my build of the Munsters TV show cars after they were reissued around 2010.  I built both of these when I was about 13 and picking these up again was a nostalgic time trip of modeling.  Besides, I really liked the show and the cars were very cool themselves.


I built the Dragula first and used a combination of acrylics and rattle can paints.  Rattle can gold was used for the body and the rest was done with acrylics except for the chrome engine parts.  On those I sprayed the chrome parts with Easy-Off which removed the chrome and repainted them with Alclad chrome.  On this model I did not treat the wheels with the Alclad.


For the Koach I used rattle can black and did all the chrome parts with Alclad chrome and the gold parts with Alclad gold.  The Alclad gives a much more realistic metallic finish then the chrome on the parts.  I did all the detail work with acrylics.  I took extra time to do some detailing on the interior and individually painted all the upholstery buttons as shown.  The dash has some detail work which is not visible in the pictures.

I have won a third place award at local contest and a merit award at Wonderfest with these cars.  But my greatest pleasure is reliving my youth with a couple of iconic cars from a great TV show from the ‘60s.


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